The wind blows at a different frequency in Lethbridge, it brings out the crazy,  it scatters trash and interior membranes. Maybe this is why so many great bands and arts have been coming out of this backwater burg. Electric Eye aims to add fuel this grassfire by hosting a by-donation ($) showcase of Lethbridge’s best emerging artists and bands and are bringing in our favourite acts from the surrounding area for one mind blistering day, SATURDAY MAY 10th! We aim to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for artists and observers to enjoy themselves and their third eyes.



1. What kind of music will be showcased? 

Everything from straight-up old thyme rocking country to folk to psych-garage to post-punk to gameboy-inspired boss level noise rock (and lots inbetween). Find them all on our bands link at the bottom of our home page!

2. What’s the deal with donations?

We wanted the festival to be accessible, so we are trying a By-Donation model. Suggested donations of $3 PER band will be listed at each venue (please see our schedule page for details of who’s playing when). Our volunteers will be accepting cash and credit card donations at each venue and will be actively soliciting donations from those without a pass. The best way to enjoy the festival will be to purchase a $20 “No Shakedown” Pass, so…………

3. What’s the deal with the “No Shakedown” Pass? 

You know when you download a free trial of some software and you really enjoy it but has a million ads that make it nearly impossible to use? The festival will kind of be like that if you don’t get a pass. For a one-time donation of $20, you get a wristband pass that will guarantee you a spot in venues (up to capacity), and a really rad festival guide (details to come). Volunteers will be able to identify you so they won’t hassle you for any other donations! You can purchase an advance ticket for the pass at Blueprint Records (519 4th Ave) and trade it in for a wristband on May 10!  That’s $0.666 per band, get into it! Thanks True Believer!

4. I’m from outta town, where can I stay? 

We have a group rate booked at the Days Inn (http://www.ladaysinn.com/) right close to downtown. Double bed rooms are $85.00 + tax, quote Electric Eye Music Festival when booking.

5. Who is putting this thing on? 

Electric Eye Music Festival is a registered non-profit, made up of a group of un and under-employed humyns that care about making fun things happen in their town, and about promoting arts & culture in general.

6. Can I be a drunken, ignorant, loud mouth and heckle bands and start fights and be offensive to anyone with ears/eyes?

There are so many other places in this city that would truly appreciate your special brand of patron, we’d hate for you to miss your true audience elsewhere.

Electric Eye Music Festival is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items, as well as all kinds of personal injury. We are all responsible for the safety, accessibility and health of our scene. Don’t be a downer and use the festival as an excuse to vent your teenage angst against people or property, phulease! Be a TRUE BELIEVER………(or MikeHells gonna deal with you;)


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